Witnesses describe what they saw at the scene of Raguet shooting

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "They shot about at least ten times," said one witness.

The two brothers thought the same thing.

"I don't know, it kind of scares me sometimes," one brother said.  The other brother admitted, "It really creeped me out.  I [saw] actually one bullet fly."

From their porch, they said they witnessed the whole thing.

The younger brother explained, "The cops said it was like an AK-47 or something and when they got to the corner they started firing.  Then, they took off."

A bullet hit one man and left another screaming.

The witness said one man was yelling, "They shot me too, they shot me too."

Shell-shocked, the younger brother took cover.

He said, "I thought they were shooting toward us.  So I ran...that's when that guy fell and I was like oh my God."

Tuesday night is stuck in their head.

"I was just inside in my room lying down or whatever and I heard some gunshots and like I didn't think it was anything until I heard my neighbor screaming, 'take me to the hospital, he got shot, he got shot,'" a witness said.

The teens think there could have been a motive.

"I heard the officers talking to them...the guy that got shot had problems with somebody," the witness said.

They literally dodged a bullet.

"We [were] playing in the yard like ten minutes before it even happened, I was like dang.  If I was out here and like he said the bullets were flying this way, we could've got shot too," the older brother said.

They hope police can shed light on the crime.

"For whatever reason you shoot somebody, it's not a good reason anyway.  I mean, you shouldn't point a gun to anybody," the older brother said.

The police department said this case is still active, under investigation.

Wednesday, the Lufkin Police Department said they had named a suspect, but they could not release the name.

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