6-year-old tries to bring gun to local school

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

CHANDLER, TX (East Texas News) - The Assistant Superintendent of Brownsboro ISD tells East Texas News that  a six-year-old student was caught trying to bring a loaded gun to school, Thursday morning.

The kindergartner apparently put a pistol in his backpack, and got on the bus to go to Chandler Elementary. The bus monitor and the driver overheard the children talking about it, and found the gun before the bus ever got to campus. Authorities were called, and the child was questioned, and sent home for the day.

Thursday afternoon, the school district will send letters home to parents who have children who ride that bus to let them know that their children were not in any harm.

The school is now waiting to see what local authorities do before deciding what the kindergartner's punishment will be.

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