Obese will pay for 2 seats on United Airlines. Love it Hate it? Leave your comments.

(WFIE) - United Airlines is starting a controversial seating policy that could bump overweight people off their flight.

The airline joins eight others who require customers to purchase a second seat when they are unable to use an extended seatbelt, put their armrests down, and if they infringe on another guest's seat.

If the flight is full, United will offer the second seat on another flight at the same fare.

A spokesperson said this will happen only after all other solutions are exhausted.

"Everybody's welfare should be looked out for," Dawn Jackson-Blather with the American Dietic Association said. "Not only the people who are in their seats already, but also the psyche of the overweight person being escorted of the plane."

Last year, United received almost 700 complaints from guests who did not have a comfortable flight because their neighbor was crowding them.