Help for Tenaha Bus Stop Accident Victims

TENAHA, TX (KTRE) - A local church, Tenaha school district and individuals are attempting to help the family of the three victims in Tuesday's accident at a bus stop near Tenaha.

Five year old Nathan Cooks passed away after being taken off life support just after midnight Wednesday morning.  His older sister, seven year old LaLyric Boykin, died at the scene.  Their 14 year old aunt, Danielle Cooks is hospitalized at ETMC in Tyler.  Doctors say while her injuries remain substantial and of great concern, they are optimistic about her recovery.

The children's church is attempting to meet her immediate needs, however, they're more concerned about the help the family will need on a long term basis.  A large extended family lives together in a trailer.  Often there is no running water or electricity.

Anyone wishing to provide help is encouraged to contact the Tenaha school system at 936-248-5000, or 203 E. College Street, Tenaha, Texas, 75974, or go to