Swine Flu halts some East Texans' plans

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Swine Flu is halting travel plans for some East Texans.

Organizers have put the brakes on a trip to Cancun for an Angelina County Chamber group. The trip was an incentive for a program called Total Resource Campaign.

"When the state department, I believe, Tuesday, suggested that we avoid all non-essential travel. That was pretty much it for us. We couldn't really, in good conscience go down there and potentially bring that stuff back here," said Angelina County Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Todd Kassaw.

The trip was supposed to reward about 40 people that were able to recruit new memberships for the chamber.

Kassaw said they were able to reschedule the trip for a date this summer. They did not want to risk bringing the virus back here or getting stuck if the border was to close.