Hospitals prepared to do testing for swine flu

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Doctors find out if a person has swine flu by taking a nasal swab culture.  All of the hospitals in our area are prepared to conduct the test and do the lab work. Right now it's being done primarily on people who show at least two symptoms of flu. Doctors also ask the patient if they've been to Mexico in the last seven days or have been exposed to someone with the flu.  "You do two swabs. You send them to the hospital usually and they check for Type A flu, influenza," explained Dr. W.E. Furniss, a family physician. "If you get a positive on the type a flu screen then they send it onto Tyler where they can do a specific test for the swine flu."

At least one culture from Nacogdoches has been taken by courier to Tyler. Local health authorities are now waiting for test results. A swine flu vaccine should be available in about 13 days. Until then, Tamiflu is administered. Manufacturers have increased production and there is now a stockpile.