High School Hero - Jordan Faulkner

by Jessica Cervantez

With the holidays just around the corner, many high school students are busy planning their vacation from school. One Nacogdoches High School student knows exactly where he will spend his free time, volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Jordan Faulkner spends his Mondays and Fridays at Godtel Ministries serving others dinner.

Godtel Cook Jeri Riley says Jordan is a joy and she loves the way he helps out.

"He just kicks right in cooking, washing dishes, and serving. He just loves to serve," said Riley

Preparing meals is a busy time, but Jordan loves every minute of it.

"I really like to do this. I like to see the smile on everyone's faces," said Jordan

But, it was not until recently that Jordan really wanted to help others.

"When I first came here I really just did not have anything better to do, but I kept coming back. This has really filled my heart," said Jordan

Jordan says he thinks people get the wrong impression from the homeless. He says people just look at the outside a lot of times, when they really should not.

"There are a whole bunch of sweet people here. It is really awesome to get to know everybody," said Jordan.

Jordan said it is not easy to be away from your family.

"Me being here only contributes to the family that they miss. A lot of them do have families that they care about a whole lot," said Jordan.

It is fulfilling to see the smile on everyone's face after Jordan has served those who are less fortunate a meal.