Parents hope H1N1 virus won't cause their daycare to close

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - H1N1 hasn't stopped some East Texas kids from taking a bite out of learning.

"The only thing we would do is if LISD closes, we follow their lead and it's required, of course you get parents that are upset because they work," said Owner of Kid's Academy Jill Carswell.

However, these kid's parents understand.

"It would be very difficult if it did close down, but at the same time, being a mother, I would be okay with that if it was necessary," said parent Lynsi Denman.

Audra Ainsworth said it wouldn't be too hard on her, but that's not the case for every parent.

"Usually it's a scramble to try to find an Aunt or grandparent or especially if they don't have someone locally," said Ainsworth.

"Actually, it would be very difficult.  I don't have very much family in town, so it's just me," said parent Ashley Pitts.

Grandparent Judy Anglin said it would be hardest on the kids.

"He wouldn't like it.  He'd want to come see his friends because sometimes when it's vacation, he's ready to come back," Anglin said.

For now, the kids will do their part, to keep their daycare in full swing.

"Don't eat stuff off the floor," said one student.  Another child chimed in, "Don't put rocks in your mouth."

"We don't put markers in our mouth because if we do, that'll make us sick," said one young girl.

"Get a tissue," a Pre-K student said and her classmate said "We don't put paper in our mouth."

The daycare said the Angelina County Health District is making them send kids home if they have a temperature of 99 degrees or if they have flu symptoms.  They can come back to the daycare with a doctor's note saying they are okay.