Oncor works around the clock to restore East Texans' power

EAST TEXAS, TX (KTRE) - Oncor Electric Delivery said they have been working to get power back.  They have even brought in 25 additional crews from other parts of Texas to help them out.   That can't come too soon for residents like Johnny Irvin who has been raising his grandchildren.

"We had to bathe them in bottled water and that gets pretty expensive you know,"Irvin said.

"We'll be working through the day and night to restore those customers, we hope to have them all on tonight, but we're sure that they'll be someone that lingers through until tomorrow," said Oncor Area Manager David Collier.

Oncor said the number of people without power around 6 p.m. Monday was down to about  2,500 in Angelina County and 110 in Nacogdoches County.   The company said if you do have power, you should leave your porch light on, to help crews identify who has power and who does not.