Man agrees to give up license after allegedly causing two wrecks

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina County District Attorney, Clyde Herrington, said they think the driver was a diabetic which could have played a role in the two wrecks and it could have impacted the case if it had gone to trial.

The driver, Isaac Milstid, entered a pre-trial diversion agreement where he would surrender his driver's license to the Department of Public Safety and in return, the DA would drop the charges.

"When he had the wreck, it's pretty clear from what we've been able to reconstruct from his medical records that he was suffering from severe, untreated diabetes," Herrington said.

In a matter of hours, Isaac Milstid had allegedly caused two wrecks in the same county.

Milstid was traveling down Highway 59 South when he reportedly made an illegal U-turn, hitting a car and leaving one woman dead.  Then, just a few hours later, he was involved in a multiple car accident in Diboll.

Herrington said, "The real issue in the case is if somebody has a wreck and it's due to a medical condition that they were unaware of and couldn't have avoided the accident, but for that medical condition, it's difficult to prosecute."

Ethel Ballenger, a Certified Diabetes Educator at Memorial Health System of East Texas, said when there is not enough sugar going to the brain, anyone can have problems.

"We normally tell people with diabetes before you drive, make sure you know what your blood sugar is.  Having severe low blood sugar impairs one's ability to think," Ballenger explained.

Herrington is satisfied as long as Milstid sticks to his end of the agreement.

"I think at least it addresses most of the public safety concerns," Herrington said.

He has already surrendered his license to DPS, but if he does not honor the agreement, Herrington said they can refile the criminally negligent homicide case on him.