When there's a scare, there's a scam

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Scammers are playing on the H1N1 scare. "Because this is new there is a lot of speculation, there is a lot of fear," said Sharon Shaw, Angelina County and Cities Health District Administrator.

E-mails and pop-up ads promise the cure to H1N1 is just a click away. Health officials said you will not find the cure in your inbox. "There is no magic bullet, there is no pill or vaccine at this time for this particular virus," said Shaw.

The FDA and the Better Business Bureau are monitoring links to websites that claim they have the cure. One circulating e-mail's subject line reads: "You can buy swine flu drugs here". When we clicked on the look, it sent to us to an online Canadian pharmacy.

"Again at this time, there is no cure for H1N1," said Shaw.

The H1N1 flu strain will not be ready for clinical trial until the end of the summer. "It is mutating, it is changing its structure," said Shaw.

Shaw said the best cure to protect yourself from scammers is to use common sense. "Watch out for scams or watch out for bogus e-mails about buy this or invest your money in something that has not been proven by anything, so just be wise," said Shaw.

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