National Day of Prayer provides hope for millions

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches residents deliver their prayers from the brick streets of downtown, joining millions across the country in the National Day of Prayer.  They come from all walks of life and all denominations, but they share one important practice.  "Every different religion has prayer, so that one thread puts us on common ground," shared Cindy Hyde, regional coordinator.

One of the unique things about the National Day of Prayer is that people from different walks of lives are asked to take the podium and pray. For some people that's really outside of their comfort zone. For others they're really comfortable with it. Among those who can easily pray publicly is Pastor Latonar Wade. She holds a microphone, but none is needed. She enthusiastically said to the crowd, "You don't mind giving God a great big handclap and praise. I was glad when they sent him to me. Let us go into the House of the Lord. Cause you got to understand when people of god get together something super natural is about to happen."

Others chose more melodic forms of expression through song and dance. No matter the delivery the message is the same. For many people prayer provides the answer of hope, this year's National Day of Prayer theme. "God is our foundation and without a good foundation you know what happens to the house, it starts to slip and slide, advised Pastor Kelvin Wade, the event's city coordinator.