A look into the life of the late Frank Melton

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Former KTRE anchor man and CEO passed away Wednesday night. He died from a heart condition. He captured audiences, communities and countless others.

"Frank Melton was one of the greatest men I ever met," said Kenny Boles, KTRE and KLTV News Director. "He truly, truly lived a life of purpose."

In his 60 years of life, Frank Melton was able to captivate the lives of many people.

"He could walk into the room with such confidence, so that everything gravitated towards Frank Melton," said Tina Sellers, KTRE News Director. Melton hired Sellers as a reporter at KTRE. Sellers said Melton played an important role throughout her career.

A man of determination; he made lasting impressions. Boles reflects on the first he met Melton. "He introduced himself as Frank Melton and we chatted for a few minutes and asked me how I enjoyed working here and we talked a little about television and he pointed at the station and he said, "One day I'm going to buy that place. A few years later I got a phone call one day from Frank Melton and he said, "Kenny Boles, I just want you to know that I bought KTRE, told you I would."

"He was more than talk," said Royce Garrett, Melton's best friend. "He was a person of action."

Melton was known for his passion to serve. "His passion was in helping kids, helping people and seeing that people had a better life," said Garrett.

"He was particularly dedicated to giving disadvantaged young people the opportunity to succeed and overcome those disadvantage," said Boles.

Melton's fingerprints touched people from all walks of life. Boles said it was never about color for Melton, it was a matter of you are.

Melton's own way of life left a mark. "One of the things that has stuck with me all this time through my professional career is do the right thing," said Sellers.

Bole's said Melton's desire to do the right thing was infectious. He said Melton made all everyone want to work that much harder to do what's right.

Melton's presence is unforgettable.

"He was really bigger than life," said Garrett.

"He was a force in this universe," said Boles.

"When other people would drop off and not be supportive, he was," said Brad Streit, Raycom Regional Director. "You don't find that in a bass and leader very often." Melton was Streit's mentor for 17 years.

Those Melton touched said he will live on in their thoughts and actions.

"It was a life well lived all too short and one that truly, truly made a difference in the lives of many people, yes he will be missed," said Boles.

Funeral servies for Melton are still pending.