Summer is almost here and here come the mosquitoes

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Summertime is when we traditionally see a lot of mosquito activity, but the mosquitoes aren't waiting on summer to get here, they're already coming out in droves.

"We start picking up this time of year after rains," said Director of Lufkin Parks and Recreation Don Hannabas.

All it takes is a little water and the mosquitoes come biting.

"Even a thimble full of water is enough for a mosquito to lay eggs and hatch out a whole bunch more mosquitoes," said AgriLife Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent Cary Sims.

From the standing water near your home, they fly in uninvited.

If you're planning a picnic or other outdoor event, you may want to avoid areas of high vegetation because it's a resting place for adult mosquitoes.

Stagnant water attracts the irritating insects.

"We want citizens to take care of themselves as much as possible and then we'll fog the streets," Hannabas said.

Spray insect repellant on yourself when you go outside and you can scratch out some of the problems mosquitoes bring with them.

"We can get excited from year to year about maybe this disease or that disease, but mosquitoes carry diseases," Sims said.

The facts may not change, but cases of West Nile haven't surfaced this year.

"We're not really concerned with the West Nile Virus at this point.  We just have not had any symptoms, anything that would alert us that there might be someone with West Nile Virus," said Memorial Medical Center Clinical Coordinator Dana Phillips, RN.

Don't let these annoying insects suck the life out of your summer.

The city of Lufkin does not come out to private property, but if you need them to come fog your street, then you can call 633-0250.

The hospital said West Nile symptoms include severe headache, fever, and fatigue.