Update on animal neglect case in Timpson

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) - An obviously malnourished dog barely has enough energy to way his tail. His companion isn't so trusting as he slinks away barking at the stranger. The people who provided the East Texas News images of animals in need say there are about 50 dogs in the same kind of shape. As well as horses, the ones that are still alive that is. Representatives from the SPCA, Houston branch are scheduled to be in Timpson tomorrow to scout out the animals' needs.

"Actually the farm from what I can understand at this point belongs to the mother, as well as the animal's owner," explained Newton Johnson, Shelby County sheriff.  "If there are any charges filed I feel sure they will be filed on her for cruelty to animals." No criminal charges have been filed, but arrangements are under way to obtain seizure documents.

Scott Flowers says his mother, Virginia Sweeney owns the animals. According to petabuse.com her husband, Daniel sweeney was convicted in 2000 of animal abandonment and confining animals without food or water in Marion County, Florida. According to the site he disappeared before his court date.   www.pet-abuse.com/cases/2090/FL/US/

Sweeney isn't the only one found with too many animals. The caretaker, Marian Feinauer left the farm on Tuesday night with over 20 dogs and puppies, a bunny, and two cats. Over the weekend she allowed a friend to place all her pets in good homes. Only a few are still waiting for a new owner. "Very hard. Some of these I've had for several years, so it's hard to let them go," expressed Feinauer.

There is concern that all of the animals on the Timpson farm won't have the benefit of ever getting a good home. Several e-mails were sent to the East Texas News claiming that many of the dogs were being removed from the premises, some even shot. Investigators will have yet another allegation to check out on this continuing animal neglect story.