Bed & Breakfasts are attracting a new kind of customer

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Betty Christian turns a home where she played as child into a bed and breakfast. "We played on this 250 acres that was on my grandmother's estate," shared Christian with a group touring some of the city's B&B's.  The Appleby Sand Road Bed and Bagle is a pretty good way of holding onto the past while making money for the future. "It's just really neat that that's being preserved in a way you can actually come stay and enjoy it," expressed Craig Coleman, an out of town visitor.

The tour was also helpful for hometown folk. B & B's are great to know about when you have too many friends. "I was very active in a women's group in Houston and several of them come up here in groups and there's 8-10 people," explained Caryl Hall, a Nacogdoches resident.  "And I can't accommodate 8 or 10 so they select a bed and breakfast."

All kinds of people stay in bed and breakfast inns. Most recently, B&B operators have noticed that landmen in the oil and gas industry are staying in the rooms. They have a long term reservation on a very comfy room.

East Texans seek out B&B's too. They're providing an economical diversion. "I had a guest this last weekend that was here for the husband's birthday," said Christine Crain, manager of Brooks Cypress House Bed and Breakfast.  "It was a treat his wife gave him to get away and they lived up in the Tyler area." This is the kind of talk tour directors like to hear. "With the economy and people trying to save money then I think it's great for them to be aware of the resources that we have here," said Sherri Skeeters, assistant director of the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Each B & B has its own unique offerings, but they have one attraction in common. You feel at home, without all the responsibility.

Here's a list of B&B's in Nacogdoches County.

  • Appleby Sand Road Bed & Bagel
  • Brooks Cypress House
  • Fair Breeze Cottage
  • Hardeman House
  • Llano Grande Plantation
  • Stag Leap Country Inn
  • The Brick House Inn
  • The Inn at 418
  • The Jones House

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