Statewide smoking ban close to Senate vote. Love it or Hate it? Leave your comments.

AUSTIN, TX (AP) - A statewide ban on smoking in public places in Texas, including bars and restaurants, is moving closer to a Senate vote.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee approved the ban on a 5-3 vote Monday, sending it to the full Senate for consideration. The panel made a few key changes, exempting cigar bars and outdoor patios at restaurants and bars. It also excludes nursing homes.

Supporters, including the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the American Cancer Society, say a ban is needed to protect public health from secondhand smoke. Opponents call it an infringement on civil liberties and property rights.

According to the Smoke-Free Texas coalition, secondhand smoke kills 53,000 nonsmoking Americans every year and is a known cause of lung cancer, heart disease, low birth weight and chronic lung ailments.

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