High School Hero - 12/3 - Alyssa Rodriguez

"I love to read. I think that reading is very important to a child's youth. When they grow up, I think it is important for them to read. I like helping them to read because it's fun," said Huntington High School senior Alyssa Rodriguez.

She reads to kids anytime she can, both in English and Spanish. Last summer, Alyssa and a group of friends even tutored several kids who barely could speak English. She is proud of the accomplishments they made.

"They did really well. A lot of them learned their ABC's, and I thought that was really neat that we taught them their ABC's," said Alyssa.

Alyssa plans to continue teaching. After college, she hopes to become a bilingual teacher and fill a much-needed role in East Texas classrooms.

"We need bilingual teachers because we have quite a few Hispanics here that don't know any English very well. And there are no bilingual teachers here, and they're falling behind. And I don't like to see kids fall behind," explained Rodriguez.

Alyssa is a role model not only for the kids she reads to, but also to her younger brothers, who she hopes will follow her lead.