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11/24/2002 - Lindale

Finding God's Faithfulness, Even in Death

"We had never had anyone to die in our family, we had never had to walk through death and knowing how to grieve," says Lindale resident Ginny Stringfellow.

It was six years ago, that Ginny Stringfellow and her three daughters began their journey through death and grief. Their husband and father, well known Lindale basketball coach Dick Stringfellow had been diagnosed with cancer. In the beginning Ginny remembers the struggles with "why" and asking God to heal her husband. It was a prayer that soon changed.

"And He (God) challenged me to challenge the family to just start praying just for spiritual blessings," remembers Ginny, "and yes praying for healing, but in spiritual blessings to see what He wanted to teach us."

Trust was one of those lessons. The Stringfellows had no insurance. The bills were mounting and Ginny was about to take a job. "He closed that door and said when are you going to trust Me completely," says Ginny, "and that's when we did it and it was amazing. I mean, you girls remember the first check, five thousand dollars, that came in from some people we did not know very well, but there daughter was a good friend to (my daughter) Amy.

In the days ahead checks continued to come in, just as bills came due. But it more than just paying bills. A former player on a Lindale basketball team paid off the Strinfellow's mortgage. Another bought the cars for the girls. Then with most of their bills paid, just three years after being diagnosed, Dick's cancer took his life.

"It was a hard time but we knew where he was," says Ginny, "and I told him many times, whenever you close your eyes here as soon as you open them you are going to see Jesus. "I had an incredible freedom, of knowing even when Dick passed away God must have something in store for us...something exciting."

Like sharing her story. God's faithfulness is a topic Ginny now shares with women's groups and conferences across East Texas. She has just written a book, "Call to Remembrance" that examines God's faithfulness and gives readers a place to write down how God has worked in their lives. it is a tangible lesson these ladies have learned...of trust, faith, and the power of prayer.

"God is faithful," says daughter Allison Stringfellow," He showed that from beginning to end...having the mom that you have, she shows you faithfulness, because if it hadn't been for her we wouldn't have taken the stand that we took."

"It has changed my life," says daughter Amy Spears. "I mean it has totally built a foundation that I can look back to and say, now remember this Amy, don't doubt have faith. You don't know where your going to work, that's okay God is going to provide a job for you, or you don't know where your going to live, that's okay, God your going to find a place, so its really made my foundation level and stable and firm"

"I think I really learned it's Gods will and not my own and there you find you surrendered your heart and when you do that and you let God be in control there is just such joy and peace that comes with that. And I totally experienced that," says daughter Lee Stringfellow.

"God is faithful, that's just the bottom line," says Ginny. "And to trust in Him. Because, as I said before, we want to fix things ourselves, we want to know what the solution is or how the end result is going to be. And we don't know...and so to just trust in God and see His faithfulness and know that there is something beyond now.

***Editors Note: Ginny Stringfellow's book "Call to Remembrance" is available at the Scroll Christian Bookstore in Tyler.

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