No getting away this Memorial Day

Press Release

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) -The Nacogdoches Police Department will be participating in a lengthy enforcement wave of the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) beginning Monday. The department will simultaneously be working an aggressive seatbelt enforcement campaign and a DWI crack down, as well.

All three events will run concurrently through the end of the month.

NPD Lt. Dan Taravella said that this will be one of the strictest and most heavily worked traffic programs NPD has ever conducted. "We will be saturating the area for 15 days enforcing speed, seatbelt, child safety, red lights and DWI. If there were ever a time to slow down, buckle up and not drink and drive, this would be it," Taravella said.

The seatbelt campaign is part of the Click it or Ticket campaign and focuses primarily on seatbelts and child safety seats. Taravella said that NPD officers will use a variety of techniques and necessary means to enforce these traffic laws.

The DWI crack down is part of a "New Frontier" in the law enforcement and judicial system, according to Taravella. "This will be the first time NPD will have a "No Refusal" DWI enforcement wave, which means that drivers will not be afforded the option to refuse to provide a breath or blood sample if suspected of drunk driving. An officer will be able to file a probable cause affidavit at the time of the arrest to be reviewed and signed by a judge at which time the motorist will be required to provide a blood sample. This gives us a much greater tool in the fight against drunk driving," Taravella said. "This event has been spearheaded by many different local agencies and entities to discourage drunk driving and to make the arrest and prosecution of those arrested much more successful."

The police department will be conducting another STEP enforcement wave during the July 4th holiday. More information regarding this program and traffic enforcement can be found at