Still no answers in Diboll man's death on Neches River bank

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Investigators are trying to figure out how the body of 38-year-old Anthony Brent West ended up along the Neches River off highway 94 west of Lufkin.

"Brent was a good athlete, he was a hard worker, he worked hard in practice," said Jeff Stifle, Brent's high school football coach.

Jeff Stifle remembers coaching Brent West in high school. It has been 20 years since West was in high school. Stifle said he saw him about five months ago. "He seemed to be in good spirits all the time anytime I did see him since he got out of school," said Stifle.

Friends reported him missing, and he was found dead along the bank of the Neches River Monday evening. Brent West was last seen leaving Jimmy's Bar Saturday night. Authorities said West was heavily intoxicated when he walked out of the bar and had a history of at least three arrests, two DWI's and one for evading arrest.

It is unclear how he died, but for Stifle it wasn't his recent troubles that he will remember. "In fact one time we got into a bind and one of our running backs got hurt, he was playing quarterback for us and then he moved and played the running back and we lost a quarterback and the other running back so we went to the single wing and he played the shotgun man," said Stifle.

That is the Brent West Stifle remembers. "He was a good kid, he was a good kid for me," said Stifle.