East Texans won't sacrifice good looks in a recession

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -  "Getting your hair done makes you feel like a million dollars," said Mane Attraction Owner Guesna Dixon, even if you're short a million dollars.

"I think it makes them feel good about themselves and even in a down economy, people want to feel good," Dixon said.

Her client of 34 years, Barbara Polk, agreed.

"They need to feel good regardless of whether the times are good or bad."

Their chairs are very rarely empty because even during a recession, Dixon said people still want to feel special.

Lynn Holloway is also a salon client.  She said, "It's fun to feel good about yourself, [and] feel that you look like a little better."

"You feel good about yourself, then you start feeling good about other things. You can't let that go," salon customer Pat Todd said.

Good business at Mane Attraction salon may not be a reflection of the failing economy, but there's nothing like a good wash, cut, and dry to make the job hunt a little easier.

"If you're looking for a job, I think it would help you to get a job and if you've got a job, it'll help you keep that job," Dixon said.

The salon gives some women hope for a more polished future.

Dixon said, "People told me years ago in the Great Depression that hairdressers did well because people would still come and get their hair done, so I'm hoping it still stays that way."

The women KTRE talked to said they are willing to make cuts in other areas of their budget so they will not miss an appointment with their hairstylist.