Rotary Club Honors the Creme da la Creme seniors of LHS

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- They are the creme da la creme of the Lufkin High School senior class. The Lufkin Rotary Club along with the Simon & Louise Henderson Foundation honored the top 40 Seniors of the Class of 2009.

The room was filled with smiling seniors and proud parents at the Crown Colony Country Club on Thursday night. Also received recognition was the Academic Decathlon Team. All the students were recognized for their hard work and determined spirit.

Every year the Rotary Club awards and recognizes students through scholarship. Eight scholarships are awarded Angelina College student and to Lufkin High School seniors.

One proud recipient is high school senior, Jacob Adams, he says, " I really thank the Rotary Club for giving it {scholarship} to me. I worked pretty hard over the years, and it feels good to finally get something out of how hard I've been working."

Dennis Rankin, President of the Lufkin Rotary Club says they stress the importance of education by saluting these extraordinary students, he adds," As for years, thought of education being very important. Rotary around the world in one of the largest provider of scholarships, other than government agencies that there is, so it's been something very important to us."

The keynote speaker for the evening was David Dolben, formerly with the Temple-Inland Management Committee.

The Academic Decathlon Team Members consist of: Tim Tang, and Ryan Hill.

The Top 40 Seniors: Jacob Adams, Stephen Alston, Haley Bennett, Jalyssa Bridges, Hunter Byler, Jesne`Church, Ashley Cornelius, Renu Deshpande, Whitney Duke, Camilia Dunn, Ryan Emmons, Keren Feld, Leighken Freeland, Kara Fuentes, Cameron Ghergherehchi, Krista Guzman, Ryan Hill, David Horn, Colby Keeling, Karyn Keen, Bonna Knox, Taylor Kroll, Hannah Langford, Katie Lightfoot, Kyli Linneman, Gregory Magnani, Laura McIlveene, Erinn Overby, Mary Perkins, Hannah Roberts, Nancy Romo, Jacob Southern, Walter Stephens, Timothy Tang, Stephen Thompson, Samantha Wagon, Mary Wallace, Wesley Weaver, David Wilkerson, and Kellie Wynne