Garage sales are a success in a failing economy

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lisa Dugat spent Friday morning shopping for good deals.  She said, "More and more people are going to start going back to garage selling."

Hard times calls for cheap buys.

"That's what brought us through the last time the economy was bad was people helping people," Dugat said.

One person looking to sell, another looking to buy, and both are trying to save.

Rebecca Farmer was spending her day selling her old items.  She admitted, "I need money now."

Farmer learned fast, even in a slowing economy bargains are a tough sell.

"We've gone down on everything, I don't think anything's sold for the price, we've had it. So we've had to knock everything down.," Farmer said.

Then, customers started showing up.

"This is our fourth one we've been to today," said Josie Flanigan who was out looking for bargains.

Some have their own economic theory of why garage sales thrive.

"I think people buy too much stuff and after a little while they realize they've got way too much junk and nothing that they need and then when the economy gets bad they realize their spending habits are bad, so they need to get rid of everything," Farmer said.

These sales are what keep some hanging on.

"Because money is tight. It takes everything a two check family can make just to pay the bills," Dugat said.

What is once a hobby is now a necessity.

"We do it for fun and we have five kids so we're always trying to keep them in cute clothes and it's always more affordable to go to a garage sale instead of the mall," Flanigan said.

With a keen eye and a little luck, they soon become seasoned pros.

"Catching people when they're ready to put everything up and getting the really good deals because you can get a whole bunch for little to nothing," Dugat said.

For some, getting a lot for a little is a wish come true in this economy.

Farmer said her garage sale will continue Saturday. She said the most popular items at her garage sale so far is clothes and shoes.