Lufkin's three headed monster

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Their faces wouldn't normally strike fear.  But Lufkin's three headed monster is scary on the mound.  Senior's Chase Greening and J.P. Clifton, along with junior Luis DeJesus won't say who's the best.

"We have a good relationship," said Greening.  "It's fun, J.P. is crazy, Luis is always yelling and getting everyone pumped up."

Clifton is quiet, "I don't say much," he said.

DeJesus is loud, "That's how I get my team pumped."

Greening doesn't really know.  "I'm a little of both," he said.  "It depends on what day it is."

Different in style.  The results are the same.

"Coach Foley has faith in all three of us and we all have the same stuff," said DeJesus.  "We're all good.

"I feel like we're all equal and have our strong and weak points," said Clifton.

So who should get the ball in game one of the regional semifinals? It doesn't really matter.

"When you have a trio like this, everyone has their bad days," said Greening.  "But when one has a bad day, another is on top of his game and brings all back up. With three pitchers like that we're tough to beat."

Lufkin's state title hopes rest in their hands.