Holding on to history, Lufkin not ready to condemn

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - No one lives in the Angelina House now, but the memories of the building are still alive in the minds of East Texans.

"The Angelina House has been around for so very long, anyone that comes downtown can relate to the Angelina Hotel that's just a part of our downtown area and it's such a big, huge building that people have so many stories about it, and it's a significant building," said Lufkin Main Street Director Barbara Thompson.

The city said everyone has already moved out of the building, but they don't want to condemn it because it's a part of Lufkin's history.

The city clings to the possibility of a repair.

"We're on hold right now, giving the owners an opportunity to decide what their options are and what they want to do with it," said City of Lufkin Certified Building Official Dale Allred.

Investors hiring a roofing contractor to fix the roof has given the city hope.

"I can't imagine that they would do the repairs on the roof unless they were going to do something else with the building," Allred said.

With water damage through all five floors, it will take a lot of work to get the place back up to par, but Lufkin is not ready to part with this piece of its past.

"To a lot of people, you know that used to go to the hotel when it had the great ballroom. What that means, it's just a part of the staple of the downtown area and to the community," Thompson said.

Allred said, "We certainly don't want to condemn the building, you know, we're going to exhaust every avenue that we have before we have to go that route."

The building may be far from flawless, but the city is not ready to give in.

Allred said the city wants the owners to come up with an architect or engineer to create a plan for the building. He said they will be reviewing any future blueprints and designs for the building to make sure they comply with current codes.