Fan drive brings relief to East Texans

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Keeping cool in the East Texas heat can be a challenge, especially for those without cooling systems. Lufkin firefighters held a fan drive Thursday to help keep people from falling victim to sweltering heat.

These fireman are trading cold drinks and hot dogs to make sure some East Texans catch a breeze this summer. "Our elderly people here in East Texas are really effected by the heat a great bit," said Jeff McReynolds, Lufkin firefighter.

In his eight years as a firefighter, he has had to rescue countless East Texans from the blazing summer heat. "Elderly people don't take the heat very well," said McReynolds. "We, as medics for the Lufkin Fire Department, deal with heat-related emergencies."

They are hoping to cut the number of responses by donating fans and every donation helps. "From pocket change to dollar bills to whatever," said McReynolds.

"They gave me a nice cold drink, so I'm going to bring the fan to them," said Gale Fant. Fant did just that. In fact, he donated two fans. He agreed elderly people are especially prone to heat exhaustion. "But also a little wise for the financially unable to have cooling systems that help them through the summer," said Fant.

McReynolds hopes the donated fans bring relief to those in need. "There's people living in homes without any kind of circulation at all due to financial situations," said McReynolds.

"Anybody can use one," said Fant.

If you're interested in donating a fan, or would like to receive a fan, contact the Christian Information and Service Center at 501 South Angelina Avenue Lufkin, TX 75904 or call them at

(936) 634-2857.