High School Hero - 12/10 - Whitney Waters

by Jessica Cervantez

While many students are busy making their Christmas "wish list", one student is busy making others' "wish list" come true.

Whitney Waters, a Woden High School student, spends her time helping those who are less fortunate. The16-year-old who volunteers at Love In the Name of Christ says she's gotten a lot out of volunteering.

Waters said, "Volunteering means I care about others. Volunteering ended up helping me more than I realized it would."

Waters, who is also a cheerleader, says LOVE Inc, has really opened her eyes.

"I knew a lot of people needed help, but I never realized how many and all the different things people needed," said Waters.

Whether she is filing folders or filling out paperwork, Whitney likes the satisfaction of helping others.

"It hurts when you can't help more people, but you get a lot of gratitude from the people you do help," said Waters.

Whitney loves the feeling she gets when she cheers in front of a crowd. But, she says it does not compare to the feeling she gets when she touches someone's life.

"We deliver some stuff ourselves and seeing the faces of people that you help is great. It lets people know that someone cares, and they are all so appreciative. It makes you feel really good," Waters said.

With a love for helping others, Whitney is a perfect example of a High School Hero.