Web marketing tricks of the trade pay off

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Anthony Sanchez and Brent Richardson were about ten years old when the first web page was introduced. Now there's one trillion web pages, including the one their building. They're both guest services managers at Hotel Fredonia, but they're spending more time conducting Internet tech duties. "I think that white background is really taking away from the sight right now,"  commented Sanchez. Richardson totally agreed as they brainstormed their next move with the mouse.

Appearance is important, but so is placement. Chamber directors know that. "Just the clutter on the Internet. That's why search engine optimization is so important," said Bruce Partain, director for the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce. The chamber site has gotten hits from all 50 states and several international countries.

There are tricks to being the first hit. Google "pine straw" and the first to pop up is the Internet business owned by Scott Jacobs. He planned it that way. "Potential customers will not normally go beyond the first page of the search engine," said Jacobs, owner of Jacobs iServices and Pine Straw Direct. Now Jacobs has a side job. He's using clever programming tricks to help other businesses climb to the top.  "Google and some of the other search engines give us guidance on how to move our sights up in the search engines and higher into the search engines and that's the tools that we use," explained Jacobs.

It's networking at its best to reach all those people surfing the web. "According to Jupiter Media Research the average online consumer spends 14 hours a week on line," said Paula Divello, who does Internet marketing for KTRE-TV.

The connections pay off. "A lot of revenue is directly related to the Internet and how you look on the web," knows Sanchez. It's a generation like his that made Internet marketing what it is today. It's evolved because people of all ages are using it. Run a business and you had better have a web site.