Center honors Veterans with new memorial

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - Shelby County has one of the oldest and most unique courthouses in the state, but the grounds were missing one thing, a memorial for war veterans. After today that's no longer the case. A granite marker now sets in front of the Irish castle style building. Community members and the five military branches commemorated the memorial. Mothers and wives of the three Shelby County soldiers who were killed in the current conflict were present. So were some of the 1800 war veterans who live in Shelby County.

Shelby County Commissioners budgeted the purchase of the marker and two benches. Donors purchased two flagpoles that are now flying flags that have flown over the nation's and state's capitols. "We want to show two things. First that we are a caring community and that we're compassionate for people," said John Tomlin, Shelby County county judge. "When veterans go in and serve their time and they come back to all the neighboring counties we appreciate them when they come back and thank them for the duties they've done and that's a small token given for what they have done," said Tomlin.