New recovery center offers hope for those fighting addictions

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Mark Greer knows from personal experience that an addiction can cause you to care about no one but yourself. Now that he owns Deer Creek Recovery Center, he's thinking of others. "It's all about the community. It's not about me," said Greer, preferring the attention be taken off his past and placed instead on people's future.

Greer and his staff are transforming a former nursing home into a place for a new start. "Your past doesn't define who you are, " commented Justin Rott, director at Deer Creek. When you come in here, you come with a fresh beginning."

We found two individuals with a troubling past working on new beginnings. "I've been cooking dope since I was 15 years old and I'm 43," frankly shared Bobby Larson, a woman living at Godtel. " I was addicted to crack," shared Cory Mannin. Both are sober after attending rehab programs in different cities. We wanted to learn from them if Greer is offering what's needed. Greer's number one goal is individualized treatment. "Each person is different, so each person who walks through is in an individual program."  Larson and mannin didn't see that in larger, state directed facilities.  " They're always packed," described Larson.  "Yeah, I think the same thing," agreed Mannin.  "When you got 50 people in the room you can't really concentrate on one person."

Then there's the curriculum. Deer Creek is offering the 12 Step Program, a set of guidelines that has worked since 1939.   "There is no rehab without 12 Step Program," said Mannin.  "Without the program I know I would be out there doing the same thing," believes Larson.

Then there's location. Greer was particularly pleased to have found a location within the nacogdoches city limits. It's close to medical facilities and other conveniences. It's also secluded. Research shows recovery is faster when a person has privacy.

Finally, cost. Deer Creek Recovery is a privately owned facility. Some private facilities cost tens of thousands of dollars a month for treatment. Greer says he will keep his rates reasonable, knowing that expensive rates is another problem in the recovery business.

Some East Texans may choose to go off for recovery, but now for the first time they have a choice to stay close to home.