Do you know what's cooking in your next door neighbor's home?

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - "You know if people can just do that right under your nose," said Sandy Neyman, neighbor.

Neyman said this drug bust didn't come as a surprise. "You don't have jobs, you're not ever doing anything, you're home all day, you're always burning things and like I said we finally called it the crack house so when I heard there were police cars down there and everything, I was like hmmm, what's going on there?" said Neyman.

Syringes, acetone and sudafed...just a few things found in the house. "We found a pretty good size meth lab and some marijuana plants," said Kent Henson, Angelina County Sheriff.

The Angelina County Sheriff's Department arrested and charged Daniel Stokes, 35, with possession of certain chemicals with intent to manufacture methamphetamine. Which is a second degree felony. "He had a little bit of finished product, had all the chemicals to do another cook, or as they call it, another burn," said Henson.

Neyman said she had her own suspicion, but kept it to herself. "Maybe we should have said something, just because we jokingly call it the crack house," said Neyman. "If we were suspicious, maybe we should have said, 'well we're kind of suspicious maybe you should check things out."'

She worries about the future of her neighborhood. "Just because they bust this one, who's going to come right back in behind them after it's all said and done and restart it you know, or where are they going to move next, so it's kind of scary," said Neyman.

She said she won't let that unsettling feeling get her down. "It's just life, you know we just stay home and have our dogs and hope for the best," said  Neyman.

Depending on Stokes' criminal history, he could get anything from probation to 20 years in jail. In the last four years Angelina County Police have busted 389 meth labs.