Bogus bills on the rise

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It is not an accepeted form of payment anywhere, but it is still turning up in local businesses' cash registers.

There has been a recent spike in people using counterfeit cash, specifically $20 bills. At a glance, it looks real, but if you look a little closer the coloring is off by a longshot. When you hold a real $20 bill up to the light, there is a safety strip.

"Of course the last person to have the money is the person who loses out, but I want to remind people if you find you have a counterfeit bill, you're obligated to form it in because if you know it and then you pass if off, you've just committed a felony and don't do that," said Lt. David Young, Lufkin Police Department spokesperson.

Young said texture is another big indicator, so be sure to actually feel the bills to check if they are fake.