Restaurant Report- Angelina County

ANGELINA COUNTY (KTRE)- Flies in the kitchen and uncovered food in some East Texas eateries were discovered during the latest health department survey. We inspect Angelina County in Restaurant Report

Ann's Burger Stop on Highway 69 got 10 demerits. The inspectors found raw meat standing in water. They also needed to exterminate for flies and cover and protect food. The floors underneath the grill and fryers needed to be cleaned.

Fruitilandia Grocery at 1907 N. Raguet received 14 demerits. The food items must be labeled. They also needed to discard expired and dented cans. The barewood cutting boards needed to be removed and all foods items must be covered and protected at all times.

The Mi Ranchito Restaurant at 3301 Ted Trout Drive got 10 demerits for having prepared food stored under raw meat, health inspectors say that was cross contamination. They also needed to cover and protect food, and hand sanitizer was needed in the restrooms.

Congratulations to the following: Subway (Diboll), Subway (Pollok), Popeyes, Sam's Club Deli, Betty Catering, La Michocana, and Chick-fil-a (Lufkin Mall) all received zero demerits on this week.