Cheapest gas

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Retail sales rose in May by the largest amount in four months. The half-percent increase came as a rebound in demand at car dealerships

Gas stations helped to offset continued weakness at department stores. Crude oil prices are hovering near $72 a barrel, that's up from $35 a barrel a month ago. Meanwhile, local gasoline prices are seeing a steady increase much to the displeasure of drivers.

"I wish they'd go on back down because I drive an expedition. Man I need help. I need bailing out," said Ronnie Oliphant as he was filling up.

"It's ridiculous what are we doing, we're supporting everybody overseas. That's pretty much all it is," Kenneth Calhoun said.

"Up and down, you never know what you're going to pay one day to the next," Don Newland said.

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