Blueberry Lovers flood the streets of Downtown Nacogdoches

By Christel Phillips email l bio

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE)-  It was the "sweetest" story in Nacogdoches Saturday.

The 20th Annual Texas Blueberry Festival kicked off this morning with the popular blueberry pancake breakfast.

Bright and early Saturday morning... a line stretched down the Nacogdoches Downtown Square... hundreds waiting to get a taste of fresh blueberry pancakes.

"Last year we served 1,600 people that would be about 4,800 pancakes. So we're expecting about 5 to 6,000 pancakes," says a Kiwanis Club member helping serving pancakes.

And just it case you wondering how many blueberries does it take to make 6,000 pancakes....

"That's about 30 pounds," says the Kiwanis Club volunteer server.

The Kiwanis Club had the griddle fired up... flipping them as fast as they could.

I guess you could say these blueberry pancakes were moving like...hotcakes.

"Delicious so far, i gonna hit the corndog stand next," says one blueberry lover laughing.

"Wonderful," say another lady trying not to talk with her mouth full.

This Annual Texas Blueberry Festival is a 20 year Nacogdoches tradition that brought one woman all the way from Florida, and why would she come that far?

"Well to eat those blueberry pancakes for sure," she adds, "They're thick and very filling (she laughs) nutrition."

Of course, some where not worried about nutrition, they just love the sweet blueberry goodness.

So the lines, and wait, nor the summer heat didn't matter. This year's Blueberry Festival pancakes got the stamp of approval .