High School Hero - 12/17/02 - Alex Dyes

Simply put, Woden Senior Alex Dyes has had an interesting life.

"Coming from Columbia, coming here when I was five, learning a new language and then going back to Columbia, going to a private bilingual school where I kept up English. I came back in the sixth grade, now I'm a straight A student and number 2 in my class and I've worked really hard," explained Dyes.

Alex's real father was killed by Colombian rebels when he was a baby, so he never got to meet him. He says his step-father now gave him the chance to come to the United States and get an education. Alex says his family is what motivates him to do his very best.

"I saw the opportunity I had here in the U.S. I saw what I could do. I had the opportunity to do better than I could in Columbia, so I worked really hard, set high goals, and that's what I'm accomplishing now," said Dyes.

Alex plans to continue to reach his goals by getting a business degree and someday owning his own business. He is also helping other Hispanic students take advantage of an education, by tutoring non-English speaking students. He says everyone deserves a chance to reach their dreams.