Bow & Arrows at Sunday school

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - You don't normally see bow and arrows at church, but a children's ministry found out they can be a great teaching tool for a Sunday school lesson. Children at Trinity Baptist Church in Nacogdoches County have been learning archery skills for the last two days. They're taught how to hit the bull's eye, but they also learn all the many references to archery in the bible. Teachers encourage them to follow the "arrow". "attitude, responsibility, respect, obedience and worship," said Cary Walker, owner of Crossfire Outdoors. "All of those things we taught the kids yesterday and how they fit in normal life versus our life with Christ and how to be an obedient and great person."   This weekend about 80 youngsters received those lessons. "Crossfire Outdoors and Arrow Ministries" travel all over teaching the word through archery.


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