TABC suspended alcohol license of local gas station

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Underage drinking, nationwide, has reached critical proportions and the problem is no different here in East Texas. In an effort to help stem the tide, Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission agents are keeping a close watch.

Violators and retailers alike are being targeted. The M & B Gas Station in Lufkin has experienced the TABC's effort to crack down on underage drinking first-hand.

"My husband and my son they sold the beer to the minor people and TABC people sent that and they suspend our license for two weeks, so we learned a real good lesson. After that I'm very strict for the ID," said Mina Patel, owner of M&B Gas Station.

Since that sting, Patel said the TABC has rewarded her with a $10 gift certificate for stopping minors from buying beer with a fake ID. Patel said don't even think about buying booze if your underage in her store.