Targeting litterbugs - Lufkin adopts a new zero tolerance policy

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The city is having to spend tax payer dollars to clean up an unbelievable amount of litter, and the city said they know it could better be spent elsewhere. So, they've adopted a new zero tolerance policy telling people to stop trashing the city or pay a fine.

"We're averaging anywhere from 450 to 500 pounds of litter a day and that's expensive," said City of Lufkin Certified Building Official Dale Allred.

So, if littering doesn't bother you, spending your tax dollars to clean up nearly 500 pounds of litter every day might.

"Somehow or another, we've got to change the attitude in East Texas and get people to stop throwing their trash on the ground," Allred said.

The City of Lufkin is tired of picking up trash, so they're hoping no littering signs around town will help motivate people.

Lufkin police will be there to make sure people pay attention to the new panther tracks in town.

"If you're going to litter or if you're going to allow things in the back of the truck to blow out, you may be getting a littering ticket. The ticket could be as much as $500 for that," said Lufkin Police Department Lt. David Young.

The Lufkin Panther logo was incorporated in the hopes that people would feel a sense of loyalty to their community and work to keep it clean.

"They wanted my permission, as though I wouldn't give it to use the logo. Anything associated with this community's sense of pride we always want to be a part of that. We are, in fact, flattered that the LP logo is in fact part of this," said Lufkin Independent School District Superintendent Roy Knight.

He said taking care of the city can send his students a positive message.

"Part of panther pride is taking pride in your community and keeping it looking nice," Knight said.

The City is hoping Lufkinites will stop trashing their pride.

"A little pride, a little community pride. I mean we bleed purple here don't we," Allred said.

The City said  business owners could really help out by placing a trash receptacle in a convenient place for their customers, so it doesn't wind up blowing in the wind.