"Monster" gas well drilling can make or break property owners

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The horizon is changing in the Blackjack community between Chireno and Martinsville. A mineral rights leasing frenzy is on brought on by the discovery of a new pocket of the Haynesville Shale. Rigs are dotting the hillsides. Drilling equipment go up and down normally quite country roads. Numerous permits are being issued at a rapid speed.

Billy lemons, a mineral rights consultant keeps close watch on all of the activity via his connections in the industry. ( www.resourceanalyt.com ) Special web sites, GIS mapping and his years of experience as a resource consultant give him an inside track on what's going on. "This one was permitted June 10, this one was permitted June 11," said Lemons as reading a recently web posting.

Mineral right owners are learning professional advice will pay for itself. "The people they (exploration companies) send out to deal with you are highly motivated to get the piece of paper inked," shared the Regional Vice-President of the Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association. (www.tlma.org )  "So a landowner who represents himself is at a gross disadvantage at the very beginning."

Drilling companies install automatic gates and post guards outside some drilling sites, but some companies aren't as protective with landowner's property. Just ask Robert and Brenda Mills. They claim their property was left with trash and erosion by a company.  "You just can't let them run over you because they will do it," said Robert, who has since hired a consultant.  "And they will gang up on you,three and four at a time." "They're out for them, not the landowner," said Brenda. She's saddened by open holes which trapped domestic and wild animals.

"If you don't get a good oil and gas lease, than you got nothing," advised Lemons. He never allows a client to sign the company lease agreement. So as the red flags fly near drilling sights, property owners should also learn about the red flags of signing mineral right lease agreements.