Grant's Crabcakes

Grant's Crab Cakes:

2 pounds cooked king crab meat

2 eggs

1 cup of mayonnaise

One green pepper

One red pepper

Italian Bread Crumbs

Old Bay Seasoning

One green onion

Take your Green and Red pepper and dice to ¼ "size.  Sauté on med high heat with butter and a tea spoon of old bay seasoning for 8 minutes or until tender.  Add dice green onion and cook and additional two minutes.

In a separate mixing bowl, place two eggs, one cup of Mayonnaise, the sautéed pepper mixture, and a table spoon of Old Bay seasoning.  Stir mixture until smooth.  Then add crab meat.  Mix thoroughly.   Then mix in about ½ a cup of bread crumbs, mix until malleable.

Spread the remainder of the bread crumbs on a cookie sheet.  Form 8 large crab cake patties and cover with bread crumbs.

Take a hot skillet with a little olive oil and brown each side of the cake.  Place on a clean cookie sheet and cook in a pre heated 350 ° ovens for 15 minutes.