New H1N1 cases confirmed in Angelina and Polk Counties

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A second case in Angelina County and the first in Polk of H1N1 have been confirmed, according to a statement from the local health district. Both cases are children.

The case in Polk County was confirmed on June 12 while the case in Angelina County was confirmed on Wednesday. The child in Angelina County is under the age of 2.

The Angelina County Health District director Sharon Shaw said the district is collecting lab specimens from more highly suspected cases.

"Flu typically is not spread as well in the summertime because people are spread farther apart, people are outside more, congregate settings are less. The temperature certainly has something to do with it," Shaw said.

She said with summer camps going on, people still need to be washing their hands and covering their mouths to prevent the spread of germs.