First day of summer - finding a way to beat the heat

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Splashing in the water may cool you off, but it won't make the heat go away.

"As the heat index gets to be above 96, we definitely see a rise in heat related illnesses," said Dr. Alexander Orlov.

Dr. Orlov works at the Lufkin Urgent Care Clinic and he said you can't ignore the summer temperatures.

"Babies and children and elderly people are much more sensitive to heat. They can become sick very rapidly and there's really not a lot of warning signs they can just crash on you pretty quickly," Dr. Orlov said.

So, East Texas parents do what they can to help their kids out.

"We make sure they stay fully hydrated, pump water, Gatorade, whatever we can get them to drink and lots of sunscreen and every now and then, we have to take a little break and go get a little AC," said grandparent Tammy McCaa.

"Just make sure they have plenty of water whenever they go outdoors," said mom Sheryl Woodard.

"Try to make sure they stay hydrated, limit the amount of time they stay outside," said one father.

Gena Hanner said, "Cool drinks, something that's not carbonated," and one grandparent knew from experience to look for the shade.

"She got sunburned real bad last week, so we don't want to get her sunburned again," Richard Thomas said pointing to his granddaughter.

However, these kids have their own ideas of beating the heat.

"We go inside and go get a drink of Kool-Aid," said James Woodard.

James' sister Mary Woodard said, "We put shorts on and shirts on."

"My mom makes me put lots and lots of sunscreen on," said one girl playing at the park.

"I play in the slip 'n slide," said another young girl.

The water may be fun to play in, but it's the H2o that goes in your mouth that's important.

"Most people don't realize that they should drink probably about ten glasses of water per day in normal weather or cool weather. In hot weather, the water requirement doubles," Dr. Orlov said.

Which means on a day like Sunday, 20 glasses of water is what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Orlov said there are four degrees of heat disorder, sunburn, heat exhaustion, cramps, and heat stroke.

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