New program could lower the number of uninsured Texas drivers

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "Well, I've been an agent for 20 years, and not much has changed, people still drive without insurance," said Farmers Insurance Agent Mary Shanklin.

Some drivers will buy insurance and get a card, but then stop payment.  So, while their card is valid for six months, they really don't have coverage.  It's something law enforcement is trying to stop.

"What the database has done is allowed law enforcement officers the ability to determine whether a vehicle is covered under insurance or not," said Department of Public Safety Trooper Jean Dark.

TexasSure is a program that uses several criteria, like your license plate and liability insurance policy, to connect every registered vehicle in the state so law enforcement can immediately verify if you are driving without insurance and some are confident the new system will work.

"You will see more people that will have legitimate insurance coverage than we've seen before," Dark said.

However, Shanklin is skeptical.

"I understand there's some new software out where the officer can check a card, but that still doesn't keep people from driving without insurance," Shanklin said.

She said her company does everything they can to help people keep up their payments.

"We make it as easy as possible, but in this economy and really not this economy, I'm not seeing that much, it's always been this way.  People play the system and it's dangerous," Shanklin said.

The law only requires you to have insurance to cover other drivers, and with or without the new program, Shanklin said it's best to be covered.

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