Suspects in cars chase caught

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ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - All suspects, including a man out on bond and charged with murder in connection with the 2007 Etoile slayings, have been apprehended following a two-vehicle chase in the Homer area.

According to an officer with the Angelina County Sheriff's Office, law enforcement had a warrant for the arrest of Stephen DeWayne Wallace, 33, with a charge of tampering with evidence/methamphetamine and for a possible kidnapping. Wallace was caught in the 800 block of Miles Road in Homer.

Angelina County Sheriff, Kent Henson says, last night they received a report that Wallace was connected to a kidnapping. Henson did confirmed  that there was a kidnapping victim involved and she is doing fine. The victim's name has not been released.

The Sheriff says Homer neighbors played a huge role in helping capturing the suspects at larger.

"We had a lot of different agencies, a lot of different officers chasing multiple people in a heavily wooded area," said Angelina County Sheriff's Office Lt. Bryan Holley.

At 11 a.m. Tuesday, law enforcement engaged in a chase with two vehicles, which ended in the Homer area, with five being arrested around noon and two others, Wallace and a female, at large.

"I got into a pursuit with the vehicle from 326, 1475 area...they led us on a chase out this way. I think the high speeds were about 70 miles per hour," said Angelina County Sheriff's Office Detective Tom Matthews.

KTRE received word at 4:50 p.m. that the sheriff's office confirmed all suspects had been apprehended.

Three males and two females were arrested. Some of those involved in the chase also had warrants for their arrest, the officer said. The names of the suspects arrested have not been released.

Any of the five arrested could be charged with drug paraphernalia, interference with investigation and evading arrest, Matthews said.

Four of the suspects were traveling in a Crown Victoria, while three were in a Ford Taurus.

All five of the suspects are from the Lufkin area, Matthews said.

The chase reached a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour, the officer said.

Officers from Huntington Police, Zavalla Police, DPS and the sheriff's office participated in the chase.

Nobody was injured in the vehicle chase.

Wallace awaits trial for the deaths of David Mitchamore Jr. and Christy Rochelle Brown. Six others have also been arrested in connection to the 2007 deaths.

"We're always worried about him [Wallace], and we know his capabilities and his abilities to elude officers and elude law enforcement in general and considering what he's involved in, we always consider him armed and dangerous," said Lt. Holley.

Two deputies with the sheriff's office were involved in a wreck on the intersection of Denman Avenue and the loop when leaving the search. Both were treated at a Woodland Heights Hospital and released.

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