Alleged Cedar Grove drug bust leads to two arrests

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

CEDAR GROVE, TX (KTRE) - A drug bust conducted by the Angelina County Sheriff's Office has led to two arrests in Cedar Grove on the northern side of Angelina County Wednesday morning.

It was quiet inside the home on the 800 block of Jackson Street in Cedar Grove until Sheriff's deputies showed up. Around 9:30 Wednesday morning they raided the home of 62 year old Willie Lee Sturgis who alledgely selling drugs.

Deputies found four people inside the house, and they also discovered five grams of crack cocaine, approximiately $2,000 in cash, and a stolen rifle. Deputies say this home was known for having a high volume of traffic.

Seargent Allen Hill, with the Angelina County Sheriff's Narcotics Division, said, "This is just a small one this is nothing major, but the people have complaining in the community, wanting something done, the Sheriff sent us out here, here you have it."

Even though the alledged dealer is now behind bars, Hill says the problems linger.

Hill said, "These people {those arrested} they need help, putting them in jail, you take the dealer off the streets but the users are still there."

Neighbors, were not surprised to hear about the bust,  but say they're glad something was done.

"To know there is known drug house being eliminated it's a big relief to know now my children can ride horses and play, ride bikes without some dopehead coming through and running over them and keep going," said a guy living in the area, that did not want to be identified.

Sgt. Hill says it does him good to know one alledged drug dealer is in jail, but he would feel a lot better if he there wasn't a need for his job.

Hill said, " It's a never ending battle, if it could stop and if I couldn't find anything, that's when I feel better. Then,  I know we've really done something."

A woman at the scene, Betty Hund was also arrested. Hill said there was a warrant for her arrest on a parole violation, on a previous drug charge.

Two other people were in the home, they were not arrested. Deputies questioned and later released them.

Hill said deputies confiscated 25 rocks of cocaine with an estimated street value of $600.

Sergeant Hill notes the Narcotics Divsion is willingingly available to come out and speak to the community about the drug problem. If interested you can contact the Angelina County Sheriff's Department Narcotics Division at 936-634-3331.

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