East Texans question President Obama's nationwide health plan

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Kenneth White uses the Veterans Administration health care. White said he is happy with the care he gets, but on a national level, he doubts it will work. "I personally believe the Obama healthcare system would be a disaster," said White.

He is not alone. Linda Yezak's mother is on Medicare. Unlike White, Yezak said Medicare has been a rocky road for her mother. "At one time she was allowed three baths a week and the federal government steps-in and says, 'no, no that's too many, I think two is enough for you.' As if they had a right to determine how often she can bathe," said Yezak.

She said the government's proposed health plan crosses the line. "I don't think the government is qualified to control your prescription," said Yezak.

However, some believe if Medicare works for them, it can work for everyone. "I'm not saying that they should, but if they did it would be good if it was like Medicare," said Genevia McDonald, Medicare patient.

Kenneth White wonders who's going to foot the bill. "It's going to be a tremendous cost to the American taxpayers, people and this country to pay for this medical system that's not going to work," said White.

With a nationwide health plan, people, like Medicare patient, Emma Roberts, fear doctors will be less accessible. "A lot of people would be waiting in line," said Roberts.

"If the Obama plan is put into effect I'll see the same thing happening to this hospital right behind us," said White. "There will be people lined up to get inside."

From a Veterans perspective why fix something that isn't broke. "To do away with the best healthcare system in the world would be disastrous for this country and the cost would be beyond anything we could imagine," said White.

From Yezak's experience, she can't imagine a one size fits all solution. "People are individuals, they have individual problems and those problems are best addressed by their physicians, not by some congressman," said Yezak.

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