How to make a staycation feel like a vacation

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Canadian sitcom coined the term "staycation" four years ago.      It means you spend your vacation exploring areas close to home. Leonard and Linda Gast staycation from their home in Longview. They don't go anywhere without a map. "We left Longview to go to Houston. We got lost right in Longview coming down. That's fine. You find all kinds of things," Mrs Gast said laughing.

The Gasts are among the more than 12 million staycationers in the nation. U.S. trip says more than 50% of American travelers are changing their plans and staying home this year. The gasts stopped off in Nacogdoches.  "We heard it was the oldest town in Texas," Mrs Gast commented.

Staycationers need to act like a tourist. Visit local convention visitors bureaus or chambers of commerce. Check out event calendars. The Gasts regret they didn't think like a tourist while living in Los Angeles.  "Never went to a parade. Never went to Catalina island. Since we moved from there we realized we missed a lot," Mrs Gast shared. "There are a lot of things to see if you take your time," Mr Gast commented.

The tourist industry is actively marketing staycations and even sharing what to avoid. One of the pitfalls to staycations is you start noticing all the work the work that needs to be done around the house. It's suggested you declare a choreatorium. You put down the paint brush and pick up the coffee cup.  "You don't want family and friends to be calling and your work to be calling. You want to actually feel like you're on vacation," Samantha Mora instructed.

As retirees, the gasts don't have that concern, but they do want to stay on track, as they glance through a city map.

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