Good Samaritan and police work lead to arrests

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

A good Samaritan and an observant deputy are getting the credit for two theft arrests in Nacogdoches County. A Kubota ATV was allegedly stolen around five o'clock this morning at Eastex Tractor on Hiway 259, just north of Central Heights.

That was about the same time David Whitehead was having his morning coffee on his porch right across the street. He saw the whole thing go down.  "They cut the piece of steel tubing, come back over here, undone the trailer and all that and took off over here and they ran through right here and they hid right there by the edge of that building and waited for all the cars to go by and then they ran over here and they got the tractor thing, drove it back over here, loaded it up and took off down 259 to the right," Whitehead described in one long breath.

Whitehead called 911. Deputy Alvin Bailey responded. He stopped and arrested Jason Barber and Jessica Jones when he spotted the Kubota ATV on a trailer. The 28 year olds are from Magnolia.

Eastex manager Rodney Robison presented Whitehead a cap for his gratitude. "It's nice to have neighbors who look out for you."

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